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Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy: Traces in Gas and Air down to PPT levels

Based on absorption spectroscopy, Tiger Optics LLC Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) works by attuning light rays to the unique molecular fingerprint of the sample species. By measuring the time it takes the light to fade or "ring-down", you receive an accurate molecular count in milliseconds. The time of light decay, in essence, provides an exact, non-invasive, and rapid means to detect contaminants in the air, in gases, and even in the breath.

This technology is used for Gas lines monitoring for humidity traces (down to PPT levels), O2 and many other trace contaminates.

The Tiger i series is offered for environmental monitoring, analysis in ambient air and molecular contamination monitoring in Cleanroom Air.

HALO Series

The HALO product line combines absolute accuracy and proven reliability, with fast response in one cohalo 3 h2ompact and easy-to-use device.  A digital signal processor and flash memory allow for full integration of our exceptional sensor and electronic technology.  No need for baseline measurements - just attach a gas line, power up and it is ready!

Common applications include quality control for laboratory analysis, gas and chemical manufacturing.

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LaserTrace Series

The LaserTrace product line is the most versatile and sensitive trace gas analyzers in the line, capable of lasertracemeasuring four molecules at a time on up to four separate gas lines.

This innovative product uses fiber optic cables to connect electronics control modules as far as 50 meters from their separate sensor modules.

Modules can be installed in a 19" rack or populated individually in a plant or fab

LaserTrace analyzers provide the ultimate solution for trace detection of moisture (H2O) and oxygen (O2), as well as other molecules such as methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), acetylene (C2H2), formaldehyde (H2CO), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), nitrous oxide (N2O) and many more.

Common applications include process control for semiconductor fabrication and High Brightness LED production.

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Broadband multi-species analyzers.prismatic2 multi-species
The Prismatic 2 is a single analyzer that can measure trace levels of as many as 16 different molecules.

This instrument allows a wide variety of analyte combinations.  One standard configuration provides simultaneous detection of trace level carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and moisture (H2O).
Common applications include hydrogen fuel cells, laboratory analysis, automotive emissions testing, and quality control for gas and chemical manufacturing.

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Tiger-i Series

For environmental monitoring and analysis in ambient air, Tiger Optics packages Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy tiger-iin the compact, watchful Tiger-i.  With great sensitivity, speed, uniformity and resolution, the Tiger-i offers the world's best, most reliable means of detecting pollutants and greenhouse gases, even in challenging environments, such as engine exhaust and continuous emissions.  Turning to cleanroom monitoring of airborne molecular contaminants, the Tiger-i is insensitive to ozone, ambient and other molecular interferences.  It is very low maintenance, requiring no consumables or calibration.

Available analytes include hydrogen fluoride (HF), hydrogen chloride (HCl), ammonia (NH3), methane (CH4) and more.

Common applications include continuous emissions monitoring (CEM), atmospheric research, greenhouse gases and airborne molecular contaminants (AMC).

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The ALOHA H2O moisture analyzer provides High Brightness LED makers with the exceptional detection limits, accuracy, reliability, speed of response and ease of operations that Tiger Optics customers have come to expect. The ALOHA H2O is fully self-calibrating.

Features of the ALOHA H2O include:aloha

A very compact analyzer footprint.
Ability to measure moisture in hydride gases such as ammonia (NH3) with just one device.
Freedom from requirements such as periodic sensor maintenance, span calibrations, purifier replacement and pump rebuilds.

Common applications include LED production and specialty gas manufacturing.

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