Thin Film Measurement Systems

We offer SemiconSoft Inc cost effective Spectroscopic Reflectometers, thin-film thickness measurement instruments and Film Sense, Multi Wavelength Ellipsometer systems.

Any translucent material in 1nm - 1mm thickness range can be measured quickly and reliably.

SemiconSoft Inc Spectroscopic Reflectometers are able to measure film stack thicknesses, using highly sophisticated software with a library of more than 500 materials.

The user can create his own material files easily.measurement

TheTFCompanion application supports large number of parameterized material types from Cauchy to Tauc-Lorentz to Drude approximations to represent optical constants dispersion and enable n&k measurement.  

The MProbe 20 is a bench top system with manual or motorized stage for mapping 6", 8" or 12" substrates.

The MProbe 40 is a micro spot version, with integrated microscope and spot size down to 4µm. measurement location can be viewed and selected using CCD camera.  

SemiconSoft solutions are available for a variety of applications, from desktop and in-situ to in-line measurement.

Typical applications: fs-1-software

Film Sense FS-1 Multi Wavelength Ellipsometer

We offer the FS-1 Multi Wavelength Ellipsometer for thin films accurate measurements.

The FS-1 is an easy to use, affordable and highly advanced multi Wavelength Ellipsometer for determine thin films thickness, index of refraction, surface roughness and film composition.

The system uses Long lifetime (>50,000 hours) Multiple LED as light sources.

No moving parts in the ellipsometric detector- Fast and reliable measurement (banded wavelength data in 10ms) and long term reliability.

Excellent thickness precision- better than 0.001nm for many samples (for a 1 second acquisition), even for sub-monolayer film thicknesses.

Integrated computer for instrument control and data analysis, with a web browser interface accessible from any modern computer, laptop, or tablet.

Advantages of 4 and 6 Wavelengths

Enable unique determination of film thickness, for transparent films up to at least 6μm (no thickness periodicity issues).

Determine additional sample parameters, such as: surface roughness, multiple film thicknesses, index dispersion.

Provide a consistency check on the data analysis: a “good” analysis model should fit the data at all 4 wavelengths (the Fit Diff. parameter quantifies the “quality of fit”).

Fast Mapping systems for up to 300mm wafers mapping. fs-xy150

FS-1 In Situ Monitoring

In Situ measurements, applicable to most thin film deposition techniques: Sputtering, ALD, MBE, MOCVD, e‑beam evaporation, etc.


Sub-monolayer thickness precision, in real time.

Determine deposition rates and film optical constants n&k, at multiple process conditions, without breaking vacuum.

Monitor and control the deposition of multilayer film structures.

FS-API interface for external software control (LabVIEW™ compatible).

Typical Applications for the FS-1:in-situ-ald



Bench top Systems 1nm-1mm

mprobe microspot

Micro spot Systems 1nm-1mm

mprobe mapping 

Thin Film Mapping System 6"-12"

fs-1 banded wavelength ellipsometer

FS-1 Multi Wavelength Ellipsometer