Infrared Microscopes for Devices & PCB's FA

We offer Optotherm USA, Infrared Microscopes for devices and PCB's FA applications: the Micro™ the EL™. 

The Micro- Infrared Microscope- Semiconductor Device Failure Analysis and Temperature Mapping.

Micro™ applications: Semiconductor Device Failure Analysis, Junction Temperature Measurement, Thermal Resistance Measurement, Thermal Design, Die Bond Defect Identification, IC Logic Circuit Failure Detection, Circuit Board Failure Analysis, MEMS Thermal Analysis, Fiber Optic Thermal Analysis.

The Micro  key Features:3d

The EL - Infrared Circuit Board Inspection System- Thermal Imaging for Electronics Failure Analysis and Functional Inspection.

Many printed circuit board assembly defects cannot be identified easily using conventional methods such as ICT, FT, AOI, and AXI. Such defects include the following: Power-to-ground, low resistance and cable shorts, Stressed components, Faulty heat sink attachment, Programming errors, Defective BGAs, VCOs, and decoupling capacitors. thermal image

Technicians and engineers spend many hours debugging boards with such defects. 

Often, these boards end up in the scrap pile.

The EL™ infrared inspections system provides an alternative method of fault detection that can isolate these defects, thus filling the gaps between conventional test equipment.

The EL™ is an effective and economical tool that can reduce debugging costs and minimize scrap.

When is used as the first screen of defective boards, EL™ can quickly provide useful troubleshooting information, dramatically reducing the time to repair. 




 Infrared Microscope for semiconductors devices



      Infrared Microscope for PCB Debug