Annealing Systems

arradiance gamstar aGEMSTARTM Benchtop Annealling system anneals substrates in a vacuum controlled user selectable gas environment.

The system is designed to provide the user with the most uniform films possible even in challenging high aspect ratio through-hole applications.

Precise films require state-of-the-art controls. Arradiance system maintains control over key parameters
such as exposure, purge, background pressure and temperature at all zones.

Some key features of the system include:

  • Up to 200mm sq substrates and 3D objects 60mm tall.
  • Customizable end effector allows clean, simple and repeatable loading of substrates Up to 500⁰C dual zone process reactor with substrate thermal control to ± 5°C.
  • Distributed gas delivery insures uniform gas distribution over the entire substrate.
  • System pressure monitoring.
  • All metal seal gas handling.
  • MFC controlled user selectable gas input.
  • CF 2.75 flange reactor interface for easy attachment of optional QCM or mass spectrometer

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