Digital Video Measurement Systems

We offer the DPC Corporation range of Digital Video Measurement instrumentation for production, QA, FA and R&D applications.

DPC Corporation, USA, produces wide selection of accurate dimensions measurement equipment (Coordinate Measuring Machine- CMM) at best cost/performance ratio.

These systems are perfect for process control tasks, where tight dimensions specifications are critical to your production or incoming inspection screening tasks.

The systems will provide you with fast, repetitive and accurate measurements (down to few microns) in X, Y and Z (height measurements).

Product lineup includes:

  • The One Touch provides large view digital metrology station for small parts (30mm x 40mm) quick measurement.
  • The EZ and MaxV Bench top and Floor standing systems, with stages sized 8 x 4 x 5 up to 12 x 12 x 8 inch (x,y,z) for high precision measurements.
    • Manual XY systems
    • Manual XY systems with automated focus
    • Full automated XYZ systems, with selection of control accuracies (down to 10nm encoders!).
    • System control by the DPM software - friendly, easy to use, powerful, and recipe driven software.

Standard Measurements:

Distance • Circle • Line width • Thickness • Length • Angle • Area • Height • Co-plane • Statistics • Counting • Slot • Ellipse • Position • Circularity • Concentricity • Straightness • Angularity • Parallelism • Perpendicularity •

We offer many models and configurations with wide selection of options, to provide the best solution to your measurement needs.

Please contact us for more information about the most suitable configuration for your application.


EZ0804AV - Auto Stage

EZ Series with Auto Stage

EZ0804MV-Manual Stage

EZ Series with Manual Stage


MaxV Series



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