I.R Microscopes for FA

Infrared Microscopes for Devices & PCB's FA

We offer Optotherm USA, Infrared Microscopes for devices and PCB's FA applications: The Sentris 

The Sentris- Infrared Microscope- Semiconductor Device Failure Analysis and Temperature Mapping.


Sentris applications: Semiconductor Device Failure Analysis, Junction Temperature Measurement, Thermal
Resistance Measurement, Thermal Design, Die Bond Defect Identification, IC Logic Circuit Failure Detection, Circuit Board Failure Analysis, MEMS Thermal Analysis, Fiber Optic Thermal Analysis.

The Sentris key Features:

  • Hot spot detection sensitivity of 1mK
  • Locate hot spots and shorts with 2.5Āµm resolution  (using Lock-in thermography)
  • Quick startup- less than 1min
  • Thermal Stage for stable temp. control        
  • Thermalyze- Advanced Software
  • Accurate Temp measurement mapping
  • Emissivity correction per pixel
  • Relay control for power sequencing


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