Step Size & Roughness Optical Measurements

We offer PhaseView systems for 3D Digital Imaging, roughness and step height measurements with fast and precise Nano Z-Scanning at affordable price, as well as GBS- Germany, smartWLI product family, uses white light interferometry to record 3D surface topography with depth resolution in the sub nanometer range. 

You can choose between upgrades to your optical microscope or we can offer to you a complete system, tailored to your application. 

waveprofile3d image

With the PhaseView ZeeCam product, you can turn your optical microscope into advanced measurement tool, using easy to use software, adding the following capabilities to your microscope: 

  • Z-Stacking - Extended Depth of Field – Fusion Image - 3D image
  • Multiple Imaging Modes: Brightfield, Darkfield, DIC , Phase Contrast
  • Z-Depth - 3D surface Metrology – Roughness – Step heights
  • ISO Roughness measurements
  • Remote Focusing – Auto-Focus

Using the smartWLI White Light Interferometrs with the powerfull MountainsMap® Imaging Topography software, will provide you accurate measurements for small samples that can be mounted on the stage, as well as measurements on large parts surfaces, using mobile systems which can be placed on the part.

Because the measurement points are acquired and processed in parallel, height information can be gathered over a large area in a very short time. 

Typical applications of GBS products in research and quality management include:

  • Characterization of surfaces roughness, according to ISO 25178 (wafer structures, mirrors, glass, metals).
  • Determination of step heights.
  • Precise measurement of curved surfaces (for example microlenses). 


                            smartWLI Prime

0.1nm Z resolution single objective 400 microns Z range



 Add-on Camera for fast 3D microscopy, Step height and roughness measurements



3D Microscope for fast 3D Microscopy, Step height and roughness measurements


smartWLI Extended 0.1nm Z resolution 400 microns Z range Objectives turret

smartwli- embedded

 smartWLI Sensor 10nm Z resolution 5mm Z range for Inline installations 


smartWLI large area10nm Z resolution 800 microns Z range


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