PhaseView Representation in Israel.

ATSL is pleased to announce the representation of PhaseView In Israel. PhaseView systems can perform 3D Digital Imaging, roughness and step height measurements with Fast and precise Nano Z-Scanning at affordable price.

You can choose between upgrades to your optical microscope or we can offer to you a complete system, tailored to your application.

Now, you can turn your optical microscope into advanced measurement tool, using easy to use software, adding the following capabilities to your microscope:


  • Z-Stacking - Extended Depth of Field – Fusion Image - 3D image
  • Multiple Imaging Modes: Brightfield, Darkfield, DIC , Phase Contrast
  • Z-Depth - 3D surface Metrology – Roughness – Step heights
  • ISO Roughness measurements
  • Remote Focusing – Auto-Focus

 3d imageprofile




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