Sputter Coating Systems

 Semicore Equipment, Inc. is a Silicon Valley based manufacturer and worldwide supplier of high-performance production and R&D vacuum sputtering and thin film evaporation systems, provide coatings on a variety of materials including plastic films, glass, ceramics, metals and hybrid substrates.

Semicore has long record of providing state of the art equipment for Physical Vapor Deposition PVD coating technology – DC Magnetron sputtering, RF sputtering, Electron Beam Evaporation and Thermal Evaporation Systems.

Semicore systems are designed for performance, yet with serviceability in mind and superb, easy to use, user interface, provides comprehensive instrument and process status.


SC250-450 Bench-Top Sputtering SystemSC 250/450 Bench-Top Sputtering Systems

Table-Top sized Sputtering System, Small volume, Fast cycling, Fully automatic processing via integrated controls, Incorporated single source or co-deposition modes and Multiple process gas capability.

Precise, economical, designed-in Confocal Cathode Arrangement of up to 4   2”, 3”, 4” Magnetron Cathodes, up to 200mm Substrate or piece parts, substrate rotation of 0 – 50 RPM and Load-Lock convenience.

Turbo-Pumped, the SC 250/450 provides critical base pressure and stable process pressure required for high quality films. It functions with DC, RF, and AC Power Supplies and incorporates an Integral Cathode Shutter and a Dry Mechanical Pump. The sturdy, compact chamber and frame houses all vital parts.

Several important options which enhance total capabilities of this unique Sputtering System are:

  • Auto or Manual Load-Lock
  • Recipe control for auto layer sequencing, Data logging, User management
  • Up to 4 selectable Power Sources DC or RF
  • RF Substrate Bias
  • Capacitance Manometer
  • Co-Sputtering
  • Heated Substrate
  • Heated Chamber wall
  • Cooled Chamber wall


TriAxis Series Thin Film Deposition Systems

Triaxis SystemSemicore’s TriAxis systems utilize a cost-effective “open platform” design that is easily configured to suit a variety of thin film deposition applications, typically for R&D or small batch production.

The TriAxis Deposition Techniques: 

  • Magnetron Sputtering RF, DC, or Pulsed-DC.
  • Electron Beam Evaporation
  • Thermal Evaporation  
  • Organic Evaporation For OLED/PLED and organic electronics. 
  • Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD) 
  • Cathodic Arc Plasma Deposition  
  • Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD)

TriAxis - The first to offer all three axes of sputter deposition arrangements (up, down or horizontal) in a single platform.

Wide selection of system designs is available, as well as special custom designs, per customer's unique requirements. Besides the Semicore R&D TriAxis  systems, they also provide wide selection of production Sputter coating systems including single/multi chamer systems and In-Line systems. Their systems may accommodate different Sputtering magnetrons in different chamber locations. following partial selection of their production line:

Sputtering Systems Products Line

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