New Mapping Ellipsometers from Film Sense

Film Sense is pleased to announce the FS-XY150 and FS-RT300 automated film thickness mapping systems.

These products combine an FS‑1™ Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometer with compact mapping stages to provide fast, accurate, and reliable film thickness uniformity measurements across a wafer.

The FS-XY150

  • Typical time for wafer map: 60 seconds (49 points on a 150 mm diameter wafer).
  • Compact footprint: 600×600 mm, 16 kg
  • Stage travel (X,Y): 150 x 150 mm, resolution: 5 μm


The FS-RT300

  • Typical time for wafer map: 90 seconds (49 points on a 300 mm diameter wafer)
  • Compact footprint: 400×500 mm, 22 kg
  • Stage travel: R (linear) 150 mm, resolution: 12 μm
  • Theta (rotation) 360°, resolution: 0.1°



Features and Specifications

  • 4  wavelengths of ellipsometric data ((465, 525, 580, 635, with long life LED sources, and no moving parts detector.
  • Accurate thickness measurements for most transparent thin films from 0 – 1000 nm
  • Typical thickness repeatability: 0.015 nm
  • Integrated focusing probes, standard spot size: 0.8 x 1.9 mm (other spot sizes available).
  • Optional USB Camera to visualize beam location on the sample.
  • Motorized Z-stage for sample auto-alignment.
  • Flexible Scan Pattern Editor.
  • Contour plots of measured parameters.

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