New Affordable Ellipsometers from Film Sense

ATSL is happy to announce the representation of Film Sense, USA, in Israel.

We offer the FS-1 Banded Wavelength Ellipsometer for thin films accurate measurements.

The FS-1 is an easy to use, affordable and highly advanced Banded Wavelength Ellipsometer for determine thin films thickness, index of refraction, surface roughness and film composition.

Can be configured for In Situ measurements, applicable to most thin film deposition techniques: Sputtering, ALD, MBE, MOCVD, e‑beam evaporation, etc.

 fs-1 banded wavelength ellipsometer

The system uses Long lifetime (>50,000 hours) Multiple LED as light sources.

No moving parts in the ellipsometric detector- Fast and reliable measurement (banded wavelength data in 10ms) and long term reliability.

Excellent thickness precision- better than 0.001nm for many samples (for a 1 second acquisition), even for sub-monolayer film thicknesses.

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